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Premier Glass Services

At Handy Glass we can provide you with the glass that you need, at a compelling and competitive price.

Trained & Friendly Service

All our glass is produced by fully trained glass specialists, who can you with any of your queries.

Industry Recommended

As a locally trusted company you can rest assured that our glass is quality that you can trust.

Services We Offer

The service we provide is unbeatable. Everything you need we can do and most of all we can answer all your questions that you are wanting to be answered. There’s no need for you to ring up any other companies or wonder what they have to offer as here at Handy Glass we can provide you the best service. Although, we are a small local manufacturing company we have high skills and professional outlook on what we construct.

We won’t accept us to be beaten by any other companies by price, quality, communication and friendship. The reason for this is because we can do the design, manufacture and then installation, we have done this for 18 years and there’s no need in having to ring other companies up because we have everything you need - every customer we have dealt with has given us positive feedback and has been thrilled by the work that has been done for them.

Our service provides the best affordable prices that are suitable for you. We may be a small, local company but we still work with our competitors here in Derbyshire and East Midlands that agree we have the best experience; we are a trustworthy company and are a high quality glass service.

Glass We Offer

All the glass that we use is at the highest quality, efficient and effective to all our customers that need our support to help with any problems you had previously.